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About White Feather | Windsor’s Healing Crystal Store


Tracey Rogers is the owner of White Feather. She is a licensed and certified Reiki Master teacher and practitioner (Canadian Reiki Association). Tracey offers classes for Reiki Levels I, II & III (Master).

Tracey also offers tarot readings to offer guidance with direction, current questions, relationships, career etc. * Tarot is for entertainment purposes only.

White Feather Holistic Arts is a collection of the healing modalities that Tracey uses in the healing of her own life. Tracey has suffered severely from PTSD, depression, and addiction issues. Drum Circles, Reiki, crystals, meditation, creating a relationship with Spirit, artwork, crafting, and music are all tools that Tracey uses in her own healing. Over the course of many years, she has also worked with practitioners of EFT, NLP, hypnosis, past life regression, yoga, music therapy and a wide variety of other holistic practices, to assist her on her journey to wellness.

Tracey is a writer, a poet and an artist. She has published one book in 2011, Becoming the Rainbow, a collection of her poetry from that time period. Her Totem Artwork is her own unique soul expression. She creates custom pieces that tell the story of your life, and can bring certain energies in to assist with manifesting. Her artwork is available in prints, on tshirts, greeting cards and postcards. In 2007 Tracey started working with ink, after a lifetime of being certain she wasn’t any good at art. Artwork became a kind of meditation for her, and it developed from black and white, into the vibrant work that it is today.

Tracey is active in the Recovery Community and believes strongly in helping to lift the stigma associated with recovery – one that has kept people silent and anonymous, fearful of losing jobs, losing the respect of peers, or having their past exposed. Tracey has appeared on “The Life Story Project”, an Oprah Network national TV show, to tell her story, as well as speaking on CBC’s “The Bridge” in 2013.


We carry a wide selection of metaphysical items . . .

  • healing crystals
  • tarot and oracle cards
  • jewellery
  • spiritual books and cd’s
  • incense and candles
  • smudge supplies
  • Tibetan singing bowls
  • essential oils
  • drums & percussion instruments
  • artwork & gifts

with many new items always arriving!

Tracey offers Reiki treatments, Tuning Fork Therapy, and intuitive tarot readings.
She also teaches classes for Reiki levels I, II, and III Master).

White Feather often hosts other readers as well – mediums, psychics and angel readers.
This will be featured in our Events section.

Tracey offers Crystal Singing Bowl meditations, which calm, relax, and realign the energy system, and drum circles, which are fun energy raising gatherings. She does these in the community monthly and also for private events.

We offer a variety of workshops for learning about meditation, crystals, holistic modalities, drums, crafts, and a wide variety of other things. White Feather is a place where like minded souls can come together. We believe joining together as a loving community is not only a fun way to learn something new but also an important way to increase the light quotient on earth!

Come by the store and visit White Feather Holistic Arts for all your metaphysical needs!
1350 Ottawa St, Windsor, ON N8X 2E8

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