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Honouring Our Self – Me Time

It’s so easy to get caught up in our busy schedules, finding time for our jobs, for our families, for our friends. In that agenda we carry around, whether it be paper form or on our phone, where is our “me time” prioritized? Somewhere on that agenda does it say “Hot bath with candles and some Snatam Kaur playing”? Yoga or the gym might make it onto the agenda, but rarely does the “down time” make it on there. I know my agenda needs a LOT more hot baths scheduled in, not to mention a few “curling up on the couch and reading a favourite book”‘s , thrown in, with a “doing absolutely nothing” on top, for good measure. With all of the demands of life, how do we fix this?

By doing exactly what I just suggested in the first paragraph – put it in our agenda, and honour it just as we would honour a doctor’s appointment, or a client coming in, or taking our child to soccer practice. Don’t scratch it out when something “more important” comes up – leave it in, because it IS important. When we exhaust our self or stretch the self to the limit by not taking enough down time, we don’t have 100% to give to anyone else either. In fact, we might only be giving everyone 50%, because 100% went out the window last week.

I’m writing this blog today, because I need to hear what it is I’m writing to you. Like many people, it’s so much easier for me to see what you need to do to be healthy and honour yourself, and it is so difficult for me to apply this to myself. You reading this… I know you, and you are exactly like me! You can advise everyone else to take some time out, but you find it really hard to do it yourself.  So let’s you and I make a deal today, I’ll tell you, that it would be great if you took some time out, and started scheduling some hot bath time in on your agenda, and I will listen when  you tell me I need some hot bath time on my agenda.

And what’s the result of you and I listening to each other, and taking a bit more time out? Our creative juices get flowing again, we feel inspired, we feel passionate about our work and hobbies, we have 110% to give to our friends, family and co-workers, and we honour our self. Because if we don’t honour her, who will?

~ Tracey Rogers, March 17th 2015 ©

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