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Sweetness Of Life

The bear speaks of many things. Bear is nurturing and protective. Bear also reminds us to go within the self to find the answers we seek in life – to sit and hibernate with our questions. Bear loves sweet things – berries and honey and encourages us to taste the sweet things in life as well. Hummingbird speaks of joy, reminds us not to hover in the past for too long, and also tells us to taste the sweet things in life. Bee speaks of fertility and of sensuality. Bee reminds us to stay in touch with that side of our self, and reminds us that there is a sweetness to be tasted in life when we do. The feather pen and the paintbrush tell us that our creative self is a good vehicle to do all of these things – to find joy, to access our inner answers, to rediscover our sensual self, and to taste all of the sweetness which life has to offer.

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