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Reiki – A Blessing to Be Shared

Reiki has been an incredible blessing in my own life, from the very first time I experienced a treatment. I didn’t know what chakras were, or emotional blocks, and I certainly didn’t think anything was going to happen, but I was open to trying. What happened was, I was very relaxed, enjoying a nice peaceful treatment, and then when their hands went to my tummy area (Sacral chakra), I started bawling my eyes out, and I couldn’t stop. What the heck was going on? I was a skeptic, and in that moment right there, I knew that Reiki had something to offer me, and I couldn’t explain what or why.

Looking back, I know what it was. Every emotion I had ever buried with drugs and alcohol and food was sitting right there in my Sacral Chakra, unprocessed, and festering like a war-zone wound. When the chi (ki) energy flowed through, and that spot was physically touched with healing and love, a tremendously stubborn block experienced its first moment of unblocking. And the tears flowed, and the healing started.

A few months later anΒ  opportunity to learn Reiki in Arizona presented itself, and for the next six months I studied under a beautiful friend and mentor, Dr. Annelle Henson. I had no idea why I was taking Reiki classes, I just knew I was supposed to be there – my intuition was saying “learn this”. And I did. And how I wanted to heal the world and change the world and give everyone else the gift that had been given to me!

I stayed in that mindset for a few years, thinking that this was about me helping others to change their lives, and partly, it is. Interesting thing about people in the healing community is that they have time to help and heal everyone else, and seldom do they find time to nurture and heal themselves. One day it dawned on me that every time I give a treatment to someone else, I am receiving the same treatment – all of that beautiful chi energy is flowing through me, to them. In fact, I receive the treatment before they do. What a sneaky way for the Universe to make sure that people helping others, are helping themselves too!

I teach Reiki now. And each class that comes through, teaches me so much about compassion, and love, and openness, and kindness. In my students I see my own healing journey and believe me when I say, my journey isn’t close to over (LOL). I see people so excited and committed to helping their family and friends through their own knowledge of Reiki, and I feel so grateful to be able to assist them on that journey of love. And I know that every moment they are devoted to helping a family member or a friend, they are devoting a moment to themselves, and their own healing.

Thank you Universe for all of the blessings that Reiki has given to me, our friends, our community. As a good friend loves to say “Reiki baby!”.

~ Tracey Rogers, March 3 2015 Β©


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  • Cheryl Landry

    March 4, 2015 at 10:50 pm

    Love the bumps, meandering routes and smooth areas of our paths πŸ˜‰ Reiki Baby! XO


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