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Reiki Lineage

  • Dr. Mikao UsuiChijiro HayashiHawayo Takata
  • Barbara Weber Ray
  • Maureen O’Toole
  • Kate Hughson-Law
  • Paula HoranNari MayoRichard Guilmette
  • Suzanne Livermore, Robert Moser
  • Dr. Annelle Henson (with assistance by Leon Roberts)
  • Tracey Rogers

I studied with Dr. Annelle Henson in Payson Arizona from January 2008, until August 2008 when I received my Reiki Master certificate.

I spent February 2011, until February 2012 completing my certification with the Canadian Reiki Association. It was during this time that I developed my unique form of Intuitive Reiki for assisting with self confidence, self esteem, and reaching other personal growth goals.
I received my B.A. in English Literature from the University of Western Ontario in June 2012.

I am licensed as a Reiki Practitioner in the City of Windsor, having met all of their requirements.

I am also a certified Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner.