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Clear Quartz Merkaba Pendant


Product Description

In the metaphysical community, the merkaba is considered to be a vehicle of light. Its thought that to travel inter dimensionally, one needs to activate the merkaba first. Some have said that to achieve ascension we will need to activate the merkaba, but I will tell you that full merkaba activation is a side effect of ascension. What the merkaba actually is, is the pattern of plasmic light one’s energy takes on when traveling inter dimensionally. In the beginning stages of merkaba activation, we only travel with our light body (spirit).  As we continue to evolve and become aware of more spiritual technology will be able to bring our body with us too. “MER” means light “KA” means spirit “BA” means body. This means that the spirit and body are surrounded by fields of light.

Crown Chakra
-undoes karmic history
-increases psychic ability
-helps find life purpose
-unlocks memories
-aids with concentration
-the key stone of healers
-amplifies other stones
-attunes to vibration of
the person being healed