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What are oracle cards and why would you want to use them? Oracle cards are useful for anyone seeking answers and meaning. They are tools we can use for divination and spiritual guidance.

They are similar to tarot cards in the sense that they use images and symbols to speak to your intuition, although oracle cards do not follow the same structure as tarot. Where as a tarot deck will have 78 cards, 22 of those being the major arcana then 14 cards in each of the four suits, oracle cards generally will have somewhere between 44 to 60 cards making up a deck. Each deck is completely new and unique, there is no traditional structure or symbolism for oracle cards.

These are great for those new to divination because they can be less overwhelming than tarot, because there is no traditional system to memorize and you are more encouraged to rely on your own intuition to come up with meaning. Because they are all so different from one another, you’ll be able to find the perfect deck for you, the one that really resonates with you.


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