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Vision Quest Candle


Product Description

These herbal candles come with spells or affirmations to say in your mind as the candle burns!

Affirmations, when fully embraced, can fill your body, mind, and spirit with their life changing powers. The strength of an affirmation comes from the inner commitment you make to its success. Combining your affirmation with a candle specially designed for the same purpose further enhances your personal magic, deepening its effect. Magic is not from an external source, but from deep within. The seeds of magic are found within your imagination and planted in your deeds.

” I choose to travel this vision quest,
the depths of this flame
to set my troubles to rest.
My heart’s rhythm guides
this meditative state,
imparting answers to which I relate.
With freedom of will
and clarity of thought,
I open to what I will be taught.
For the good of all, so that it harms none,
let this magic of spirit be done. ”

Meditation and Problem Solving.