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Tarot cards are believed to have originated in the 15th century in Europe. Some would argue that its roots go back further. Tarot decks traditionally consist of 78 cards. While they were created for playing card games, by the 18th century they were being used quite commonly for occult and mystic reasons.

There are four suits in the deck of cards and they are numbered ace to ten,  much the same as we see in playing cards now. In addition to this there were court cards for each suit; the page, the knight, the queen and the king. In addition to this, there are 22 Major Arcana cards, which represent the most fundamental archetypes of life.

Nowadays people often generalize the cards into two main parts – the Major Arcana (the old trump cards), and the Minor Arcana (the suited cards).

In the early 1900′s a deck called the “Rider-Waite” deck was developed for mystical and occult uses. This deck is by no means the first or only standardized set of cards, however, it certainly did gain popularity quickly and has experienced a popularity that exceeds that of other decks.

Essentially what it is that tarot readers do, is lay cards out in specific patterns in order to gain information about a person’s life, relationships, money, work, etc. There are general guidelines for what certain cards mean, and how their meaning is affected by being placed in proximity to certain other cards, however, there is a great deal of intuition that is called upon in the tarot reading process.

Please be advised that Tarot Reading is for entertainment purposes only.

I cannot answer this for all tarot readers, as each one probably has their own unique set of beliefs. However, it is my experience that the cards reveal a great deal of accuracy for upcoming hurdles and celebrations, while also revealing the past in some detail.

No one is tied to a destiny though. For example, if a person receives a warning about upcoming financial issues, they can avert a lot of that experience by being careful with their money for the next few months, not making ludicrous financial decisions, and being generally wise with their money.

Another good example would be that if you receive the news that you and a close male friend will have a big blow out that ends up ruining the friendship permanently – you can avoid this by not going to extremes when a disagreement comes up during that time period, and walk away with your friendship still in tact.

Tarot reading is specific to a reader. As I am a healer, there is a great deal revealed in my card readings about what areas of your life are requiring some healing and some nurturing. I am able to see the larger picture about finances and work. Where the cards reveal a great upheaval, they also show me an opportunity for improvement and growth.

The bottom line is, the future is never set in stone. The future is being written NOW and its always subject to change because of ~you~ and the choices you make or decide not to make.

Please be advised that Tarot Reading is for entertainment purposes only.

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